The alternative way to chat on FACEBOOK! Reloaded Version

          Our New Facebook Chat is most hated by all users because they are very inconvenience for the users...  So, if you don't like our New Facebook Chat, take a look on this alternative way to chat on Facebook...

     1.Use Facebook Chat popup.

Goto in a new tab u can chat in full screen. So, you just simply Bookmark this page so that u can access it whenever you want to chat with your friends..

     2.Use Facebook Discovery

This FREEware is very useful and you must grab it one and install it.. Download it here..

     3. Use Trillian for Google Chrome.

     4. Use Yahoo Messenger (LINK to Facebook)

      Download Yahoo Messenger 11 click here

ADIOS (^^,)

P/S : tRy gOOgle Plus instead.... much better than Facebook..... click here


  1. nape blog aku ni takde orang?

  2. he3.. Berguna jugak nih.. Popup facebook baru sekarang macam hampeh...

  3. terbaekk!! tq utk info yg berguna ni!


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